Melon's Gift Shop

Hello Pal! Get yourself some cool melon gifts, info below, order to the right!
(Also yes this is a real shop, payments are secure via Paypal, all purchases support the site)

#1 Dream of the Great Ognobula

The Great and Holy Ognobula will dream of you! What a privilege it would be to have such a great figure dream of YOU! Please list the names of everyone you want him to dream of in the comments, one name per purchase.
(Disclaimer, The Ognobula may or may not exist therefor dreams are not guaranteed.)

#2 Deluxe Professional Gold Melon Badge

Show that you're a pro Melon fan! Get this limited triple filter gold warp badge!
(Only available at the MK gift store)

#3 Random Maxi Melon Trading Card

Maxi Melon Trading Cards are the latest FAD! Buy this and you'll be sent 1 RANDOM digital trading card! Add it to your site to show everyone how unlimited your coolness it!
(Please include e-mail to send to in comments)

#4 Empty M&Ms Packet

I ate all the M&M's from it, but the packet is still useful! You will get 1 empty packet that can be used for storing items, planting plants and more!
(Ships from Ireland, your address will be required)

#5 Melon Town Plots

Purchase a plot in Melon Town! Supply your own home gif! You will also receive a deed of ownership by e-mail.
Check the town map for plots!
(Please include a contact e-mail in the comments)