Click an e-zorb to adopt it! The e-MeloZorbs need a home!
Please take them, they are filling my computer!

Hello Zorbs!

These MeloZorbs are all over the place now! Apparently they come from inner-space or the mystical point where the largest of the universe meets the smallest of the universe and everything loops around!

No one is really sure what the zorbs want, but they seem to enjoy Tomato Soup, so if you have some soup you can feed that to them and everything will be ok!

Current Known Zorb List:

  1. noseoos #1 & #2 - Small and have noses
  2. anziop #8503 - Very red and impressive
  3. morblesquish #77 - Makes a swoosh noise constantly
  4. stompazomp #3 - Always stomping everywhere!
  5. sniffilwiz #998 - Very sensitive and thoughtful
  6. dolorg #1 - I think hes drunk!

Acquiring MeloZorbs:

e-zorbs can be found free to download all over the place! You can download them easily, but if you delete an e-zorb file you'll get 1 week of bad luck, its not worth the risk, protect your e-zorbs!

Physical Zorbs can also be purchased at the gift shop and will be made to order! Visit the GiftShop!

Make a Zorb!

Zorbs come from everywhere! Including your hands! I find that Fimo makes for the best Zorbs but you can make them using any type of modelling clay you like!

If you make some zorbs send me a picture and I'll add them to the known zorb list!