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Animation project I made in class, Atari Holographic Snakes & Ladders, music sampled from FM Attack

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Moo's News

13/1/2020 - My Little Tornado

A unity toy I made in class a while ago that lets you play with tornados. GET IT HERE

29/9/2019 - Life update and Spooky Fest !

Howdy buckaroos, quick life update here, I recently moved to Glasgow to do a masters in game design. Now that all the moving and wobblieyness is done with its about time some work was gotten on with!

Iv heard somewhere that this year will be the first Melon Spooky Fest... Whats that? I feel like I should know :O

15/2/2019 - The Great Yoldiz!

Yoldiz has arrived! Yoldiz knows all. You need Yoldiz! YOU NEED YOLDIZ!

16/6/2018 - Banana Sea

Why not take a dive in the banana sea?


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