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14/12/2021 - Ozwomp's Voyage is done!

The long awaited game Ozwomp's Voyage is complete! You can download it and play as ozwomp today :^) It will be free for a LIMITED TIME, so grab your copy over at Itch.Io!

Lots of work went into this and there are still a few things I wanna add, BUT I hope you enjoy it! See a trailer video below!

22/11/2021 - Site works and manifesto!

Oh my, some sneeky person has painted a big fresco on the melon homepage, who would do such a thing! Look at all the drips, what a mess :^O

I finished writing a site manifesto, it took about 5 rewrites, but for now its good! Click me to read with your eyes.

Finally, the site now has a bluuee navbar, I wanted to make it blue about 5 years ago but I forgot. If your unfamiliar with the colour, here are other blue things: the sky, the sea, bluebirds, blue berries, MsDOS sometimes, packets of biscuits that are blue, that one song, and melons navbar!

15/11/2021 - MelonLand Forum!

This week I was working on a new forum! It's now live. Please join it, thank you very much! :]

Visit the forum here: forum.melonking.net or OPEN IN A NEW TAB

30/10/2021 - Happy HALLOWOON >:D

Happy Halloween everyone! Be sure to make some pumpkin pie, I MADE SOME LAS YEAR ANd it was heckin nice. Remember if you're 20 and you live an average life you only have 60 more halloweens left :O

ALSo visit my spooky halloween page and help Mr Loom out of the haunted house! Omg quick click this text!

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