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22/4/2021 - PIZZA!

Got an ACTUAL pizza stone, here is the first test! No more soggy pizzas! Man I really don't like soggy pizzas. Im aware this pizzas not perfect, but ITS NOT SOGGY :^)

ALSO this site now has a proper RSS feed! Here is an RSS reader for Mac and one for Windows!

17/4/2021 - 3D Worlds Discord!

Iv had a lot of people asking about how the 3D worlds on the site work. So Iv setup a Discord server SPECIFICALLY for people interested in virtual worlds on the web! Im slowly writing tutorials, I hope it can inspire and help people make their own worlds!

You are welcome to join on Discord HERE

ALSO the land of melons has a new MULTIPLAYER zone (Told you so in the last news cast ;^] ), I hope to expand it lots, you can try it out here! MELONLAND 2

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