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4/7/2021 - Virtual Worlds and Metaverses

Halooooo, its me, I have posted some texts from my dissertation about metaverses and virtual worlds. Find them over at the blog section! Also don't forget you can join the virtual worlds discord here its a lil club for web worlds enthusiasts!

ALSO I got this bangin iPod, is plays tunes aplenty but crashes horribly if you try and play a movie so I cant play the gummy bear song music video aaaaarrrggghhhh. Oh well, life has many serious ups and downs, what can I say (shrunk shrug shrug wink?) Don't forget to put a lemon slice in your pasta sauces to make them extra tasty!

30/5/2021 - Million Melon Day !!! :^]

According to the Neocities view count we have passed ONE MILLIONS VIEWS! 3 years, 11 months and 5 days after we passed 100k views 🥳🦑🐋🐫🦕💫🌞🪲🪐

Thanks the support, see you again when we hit ONE BILLION!!! :^3 CLICK ME FOR A CELEBRATORY PAGE! :^3

14/5/2021 - GiF Gallery! New Website!

After a few days HARD WORK the new Gif Gallery site is done! The gallery has an almost infinite number of rooms, populated with 100k gifs. It was supposed to have more but apparently Neocities has a file limit.. ANYWAY its enough.

I hope you'll all spend some time visiting the gallery and finding some cool gifs! Here are a few rooms I found:

8/5/2021 - New Recipe 4U: Lunch Pasta!

Wow, from this news feed youd think this was a cooking site now! Anyway I have written down my world famous lunch pasta recipe. If you wanna make some good pasta, click here!

22/4/2021 - PIZZA!

Got an ACTUAL pizza stone, here is the first test! No more soggy pizzas! Man I really don't like soggy pizzas. Im aware this pizzas not perfect, but ITS NOT SOGGY :^)

ALSO this site now has a proper RSS feed! Here is an RSS reader for Mac and one for Windows!

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