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8/10/2021 - Daniel's Network Search

Many years ago (aka 2017) I made lil search engine after a class in college on data organisation. It KINDA worked, but it crashed so often I ended up shutting it down, WELL GUESS WHAT, now its back!

It's been reworked and now crashes WAY LESS :3 Its also about 5000x faster, and holds 50x more sites. Find it over here!

20/9/2021 - Downloads and Site Revamps

Halooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I added a way cool site downloads section! Its a bit thin at the moment but HOLD YOUR TOYOTAS, It'l have more stuff soon, including gronks.

ALSO added some pictures of my last trips to Japan in the travel logs section, and made a new page of Oglington's Wagon. OH and the games section, it's more o b s c u r e ;-D

ALSO ALSO, there s new GOLD limited edition badge in the Gift Shop! BE SURE to actualy BUY it, DO NOT just save the image. I WILL KNOW!!!!?! Ok thats all, stay human, or whatever it is that you are. Oh and if you're reading this 200 years in the future, HELLO 2221!!

12/9/2021 - A Voyage in Cyberspace :O

Follow Mr Womp on a brand new adventure as he travels through the stars (has music so click me for a new tab!).

OR if you're looking for something older, here are some comics I made when I was 7 :^[]
Lump's Adventures & Lump - Season of the Dead

14/5/2021 - GiF Gallery! New Website!

After a few days HARD WORK the new Gif Gallery site is done! The gallery has an almost infinite number of rooms, populated with 100k gifs. It was supposed to have more but apparently Neocities has a file limit.. ANYWAY its enough.

I hope you'll all spend some time visiting the gallery and finding some cool gifs! Here are a few rooms I found:

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