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Woah, greetings, careful this is a risky situation! Public works are often taking place in Melonland. Please explore the site and if you get lost click the red MELON button to get back here. If you'd like to know more read my manifesto!

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2023-04-04 - Webby Award!

This site is currently nominated for a Webby Award! Ooph, what a journey its been since 2016 when this started as a weekend project!

EDIT: Didn't win! But being nominated was still cool :^]

2023-01-20 - Ozwomp Is Online!

Greetings my starlight darlings; after a 2.5 year hiatus the unfinished Ozwomp MMO is now back under development!

Its got a whole new world and so much more! PLAY IT NOW!! ozwomp.online

2022-12-23 - Happy Christmas :^}

Or possibly winter experience of time with lights?? Or summer beach day if your in Australia??.. ANYWAY, I hope you r havn a really cool time and get lots of ham and gameboys - remember to be kind to family when they give you disappointing socks as a gift, socks are very useful for cold feet!

Thank you for visiting my site this year and you are welcome to visit again next year too :^}

2022-12-02 - New MelonLand Project Site!!

The MelonLand landing page has been redesigned :^D OMG it was soooo much work, but I'm real happy with it!

ALSO, the Surf Club webring is now open! You can check that out toooooo (and maybe join? ;)

2022-10-26 - Halloween Is Here!!!??!

"Ahahahahahahaha, I am finaly out of my crypt!" -Ghost Melon?

Halloween is an important holiday NECESSARY to stop the underworld from taking over the waking world (or possibly a great time to help it!?!)

I hope you have THE BEST TIME! Now, take these sweets and be on your way HUMAN, I have work to do and little time to get it done before the full mooooooooon!!!

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