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2023-09-20 - New Site: Pixel Sea

Great news! I finished a new site that lets you umm search pixel icons n stuff; I hope lots of people will use the icons because they are hella cool - I guess they are useful for discords too!

ANYWAY, this might be a long shot, but do you think the sky tastes like apricots? Oh wait thats not related...

Here is my new site!

2023-07-02 - Web Crafting Zine!

Iv been hard at work ZINING! This is a project thats been on my mind for about a year now and Im super happy to see it appear! Its a zine all about making dreamy homepages and websites!

I tried to put everything I felt into it and make it really special! It would be great for someone whos intrested in homepages, but doesn't know how to dive in! Now they have a way!!!

You can get the colour cover version here or a plain version at the Glasgow Zine Fair on the 8th of July via Plaintext Distro!

ALSO on an unrelated note, here is Dance, Sing, And Listen Again & Again! by Bruce Haack & Miss Nelson - you might enjoy it :^3

2023-04-04 - Webby Award!

This site is currently nominated for a Webby Award! Ooph, what a journey its been since 2016 when this started as a weekend project!

EDIT: Didn't win! But being nominated was still cool :^]

2023-01-20 - New Site: Ozwomp Is Online!

Greetings my starlight darlings; after a 2.5 year hiatus the unfinished Ozwomp MMO is now back under development!

Its got a whole new world and so much more! PLAY IT NOW!! ozwomp.online

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