Camera Icon Melon History

I got my first laptop in 2007, that summer we went on holiday; there were supposed to be some other kids coming, but things didn't work out and I was the only non-adult there for the whole 2 weeks, also there was totally no internet, so all I had were the pre-installed applications on my laptop, a camera and a whole lot of time!

As a "protest" I pretended that I was like Tom Hanks in castaway with his football friend, but instead of a football I found a melon in the shopping basket and used that! I took the melon all around that summer and photographed it, and when I found iWeb on my laptop I was super excited and decided to make a website for the melon. It was called Project Melon, and also there was a mysterious club called Club Melon you could join if you knew the password, there was also a blog, called Melon Times.

Most original Melon media is lost but these images survived on old social media accounts. Some other "Blue Fish Productions" media can also be found around this site if you explore!

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