Melon's Gallery Maker

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What does this do??

This is a micro-static site generator that makes it super easy to share your photos, make gif resource sites and showcase your artworks!

Create your own HTML photo galleries from folders of photos on your computer! Then easily upload them to your neocities site (or any other host)!


* GIF images do not get thumbnails or resizing, **TIFF images are converted to JPEG.​

Download ?!

Latest Version: 0.0.2 !

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux! Downloads are on!


This is pretend shareware! Registering your program will not unlock any features or get more support! HOWEVER you can use the links below :)

You can also view the Source Code here and build your own copy!

Change Log!

v0.0.2 - 7/10/23

v0.0.1 - 4/10/23 - We are ready to go!!