Official Stories of Snorty!

Snorty and the Magic Box

It was a typical day on earth. The 58 billion sheep were sheeping. Snortys coffee still was spiffeling, and Wolly the Wizard was drawing platypuses on the pavement outside with his trusty rain safe chalk. But where was Lori? Her usual mumblings were coming from her corner of the room. Snorty looked and looked, but she couldn't see anyone there. A moment later Wolly the Wizard came in from his wizardly works and shouted “YOU SHALL PASS... me a vanilla latte”. Snorty spun around 3 times and the coffee still did whatever it does. “By the way” Said Snorty in her most sly and nonchalant voice, “can you see Lori in her corner?”. Wolly squinted, then shuffled, then went out the front door, then walked back in, then squinted again. “You know, I believe I cannot” he exclaimed. They gave each other a quizzical look then crab walked over to the Lori corner.

“WITCHCRAFT” shouted Wolly and made a cross symbol with his index fingers. Sure enough, Loris voice was there, but her body had turned into a little plastic box. Snorty, who was not afraid of witches picked it up and examined it. Inside there were 2 little wheels turning slowly and a dark brown ribbon was looped around them. Snorty looked puzzled. Wolly looked worried. The little box continued to pretend to be Lori. “It belongs to Sony!, its got their name on it” announced Snorty triumphantly.. “But why would Sony’s box have Loris voice in it...” they both looked down and then looked up again in shock and spoke at the same time “SHES BEEN KIDNAPPED”.. Wolly burst into a ball of fire but went out again when he started crying “I miss Lori” he waled out, “We’ll never ever see her again!”. “Calm down you old goat” Snorty reassured him, “We’ll just call up Sony and ask for her back”. Wolly sniffed and nodded.

They walked over to the big dusty phone book, the first page read “Sheep 1, Sheep 2, Sheep 3” and the phone number of each. Snorty flipped through the pages. After a moment she flipped to the last page, it read “Sheep 58,000,000,000,000, Snorty, Wolly, Lori”... “Uhhhh” Snorty exclaimed. Just then the shop door swung open and Lori walked in “Ohhhh, you found my walkman, thank you!” she chimed and grabbed the box out of Snortys hands. “Yeah! That's what we did, definitely” Stuttered a surprised Snorty, “We knew it was yours all along”. “Yeah, I was just singing for my friend and I forgot all about it!” “Thats ok, I forget stuff too.”. Wolly looked deeply confused and was trembling. He jumped at Lori and gave her a big wizards hug “How did you get out of that tiny box!!!”. Lori looked confused, Snorty blushed, and Wollys coffee steamed. The End.