Official Snorty About Page!

Snort wuz ear

Hi Humans! Im Snorty from the future, 350 million years in the future for you guys, its great all you humans are extinct :)

Oh, you thought you were on Melonkings site? Haha no, this is my site now. Just don't tell melon ok.. these multi million year hacks are hard work!

Anyway, I live in Snort City in Empire (what you guys call earth). Im 23 years old but everyone thinks Im 5 :( I also look like a human, which is a bit weird because neither of my parents are..

Here's a picture of my mom and dad (I drew them myself!)
Mr Business Pig Mrs Business Pig

Likes: Beans, Acorns, wooly socks, 11pm, Mega battles, things that make a whomp sound
Dislikes: Beans, Humans, being hungry, orbiting jupiter, not orbiting jupiter, ants

Im Hungry go away!