Pet Rock Guidebook

A comprehensive guide to the acquisition and management of a Pet Rock, all you need to know to look after your pet rock! (And where to find them)

Where to find a pet rock?

Pet rocks can be found in many places! There are a few things to consider when picking a rock to be your pet; size, weight and pattern all play a role, however the most important choice may be smoothness. A rough rock may be interesting and wild; while a smooth rock is more reassuring and easier to manage.

Whatever kind of rock you pick, you must remember that rocks are immortal and you nor your decedents will outlive your rock! So pick wisely!

Top 5 places to get a pet rock!

  1. At a beach, many rocks gather here for some reason.
  2. At a mountain, warning the mountain may also be a rock, but will not fit in your car.
  3. At a garden centre, some garden centres sell tame rocks.
  4. On the moon, the moon is known to have rocks.
  5. Authorised Pet Rock dealers!

Below is a selection of IDEAL Pet Rocks waiting to be adopted by loving owners.

Below is an example of a rock that may be too large for the average household.

How to look after my pet rock?

Pet Rocks are very low maintenance pets, and many landlords will have no issue with them; you can also bring your pet rock to most restaurants and enjoy a high quality meal together. However I will list a few points that may help:

Sawdust in a bag makes a great bed for your pet rock! It can often be found in places where wood is cut or in pet supply shops; plastic bags tend to come from a drawer in the kitchen.

Let your pet rock explore freely! A pet rock is a great companion for your everyday adventures, and you will both enjoy each others company if you go on lots of trips. Below is a pet rock inspecting a birdbath/swimming pool, well suited to average sized pet rocks!

Dust your pet rock regularly! You can also apply beeswax to your rock to give it a smooth lustrous finish. If you plan to leave your rock for a long period of time, put it by a window or in a safe box depending on its preferences.

Sometimes it can be fun to arrange rock parties, or to establish a rock park! These are gatherings where many rocks can exist together.

Finally when the day is done, its important to put your pet rock in a safe place; you would not want them to get away and become lost! I keep my pet rock in a small cage so they can feel secure but still see whats going on.

Other considerations!

Naming your pet rock can be an important step! Pick a name that suits your rock, like Brock; Note Rocky is an overly common name and should be avoided.

Do not throw your pet rock, this is deeply unacceptable and just the worst thing to do ever. Although seemingly strong, pet rocks require great care.

Some pet rock owners choose to decorate their pet rocks in some way; while this can be a fun activity, its important not to damage the natural beauty of your rock; avoid glues, paints and other hard to clean substances!

Pretending to be a rock; some owners like to spend time with their pet rock by pretending to also be a rock; this can be a great activity and very therapeutic; however be aware that you are not in fact a rock and should continue to live a normal life as well!

Enjoying life with your Pet Rock ❤️‍🩹

I hope you have a great time with your pet rock; remember your life is both long and short, but your rocks life is forever. You are a custodian; and your moment in time is special, but eventually you'll move on; please leave good memories that your pet rock can look back on a million years from now, when everything else is forgotten :^]