Melon's Grand News Archive 2022

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2022-3-3 - Ozwomp on iPhone & iPad!

Big news! Ozwomp is now available on the AppStore, so you and your granny can Ozwomp on the go! Grab your copy over on the Ozwomp page! (Mac and Windows version too)

This was a major project to do, and Im really happy with how it turned out :^) I hope it can mean and much to you as it does for me!

16/2/2022 - Happy new year! Aggghh Im always late!

Its a new year, whitch means possibly new shoes if you buy new shoes to match the year, I sure dont though so my shoes will remain the same, happy new year!

Here is my new year gift, an archive of 4600 landing pages of different sites from around the web, enjoy!