Melon's Grand News Archive 2022

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2022-06-22 - Zine! I made a zine!

A quick note 4u, I made a mini zine that will be for sale at the Glasgow Zine Fest on the 3nd of July 2022 (Corrected! its Sunday 3rd only!) DO NOT MISS IT!

I wont be there, but it will be available at the Plaintextdistro stand run by Emreed, so please be nice if you meet her and ask for Melon's Zine :^}

2022-05-22 - Making your own site!

Oopa! Many years ago I wrote a post with help for making your own site, who knows where the time goes, but here I am again with a new guide for you!

I hope you're doing reaalllyy cool! This is the lame time of year when we have to wait like 6 WHOLE months until its Halloween, but hang in there! Here is a a 90s song 4u!

2022-04-18 - TextureTown, Sick Melon and Easter!

I knoooooow, updates have been a bit slow this month. I was super overworking for months and I got a bit burnt out and now I have covid :^S Which is a really pain because there are so many exciting things happening and cool ideas I have. Sometimes I wish I had a team of people to do everything I wanna do!

Anyway if you missed it, I launched a NEW site last month! It's called TextureTown and it hosts many excellent textures for you to download! Why not give it a visit!

Also happy easter! I got a big egg made of chocolate; the box was cool too, I found it could be worn as a helmet for kitchen battles :^O

2022-3-3 - Ozwomp on iPhone & iPad!

Big news! Ozwomp is now available on the AppStore, so you and your granny can Ozwomp on the go! Grab your copy over on the Ozwomp page! (Mac and Windows version too)

This was a major project to do, and Im really happy with how it turned out :^) I hope it can mean and much to you as it does for me!

16/2/2022 - Happy new year! Aggghh Im always late!

Its a new year, whitch means possibly new shoes if you buy new shoes to match the year, I sure dont though so my shoes will remain the same, happy new year!

Here is my new year gift, an archive of 4600 landing pages of different sites from around the web, enjoy!