Hello I'm Melon!

Whats is it?

Hello humans, Im Daniel aka Melon aka the guy who made this site. I'm a game design student in Glasgow. I hope you enjoy exploring my web-o-sphere, I try to add new things all the time so check back soon, and if you have not already, visit the gift shop before you go ;D

Random Story Time!

Once upon a time there was an old goat, his hands were blue, even though goats don't have hands, and his ears where tall and fine. One day he sold his ears to a traveling iPad sales man, the man said OH lookie at these apps. And the goat was hooked. But then he realised the iPad was a bit useless and he liked ears more.

So he chopped it in 2 and sat on it lots until it was twisted into a sort of ear shape. Now he had Spotify built right into his ears. He was a cyborg goat now, nothing could stop him. How cool is that!

Ok here are some sentences I like:


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