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2022-10-26 - Halloween Is Here!!!??!

"Ahahahahahahaha, I am finaly out of my crypt!" -Ghost Melon?

Halloween is an important holiday NECESSARY to stop the underworld from taking over the waking world (or possibly a great time to help it!?!)

I hope you have THE BEST TIME! Now, take these sweets and be on your way HUMAN, I have work to do and little time to get it done before the full mooooooooon!!!

2022-07-09 - Wiki 4 kool people :]

I'v started writing a wiki now, its gonna have lots of cool info for cool people.. I dunno if your cool enough to be on it though?? MAYBE you are we will see! *eyes you suspiciously*

You can MOSEY on over here if you like.. WIKI

2022-06-22 - Zine! I made a zine!

A quick note 4u, I made a mini zine that will be for sale at the Glasgow Zine Fest on the 3nd of July 2022 (Corrected! its Sunday 3rd only!) DO NOT MISS IT!

I wont be there, but it will be available at the Plaintextdistro stand run by Emreed, so please be nice if you meet her and ask for Melon's Zine :^}

2022-05-22 - Making your own site!

Oopa! Many years ago I wrote a post with help for making your own site, who knows where the time goes, but here I am again with a new guide for you!

I hope you're doing reaalllyy cool! This is the lame time of year when we have to wait like 6 WHOLE months until its Halloween, but hang in there! Here is a a 90s song 4u!

2022-04-18 - TextureTown, Sick Melon and Easter!

I knoooooow, updates have been a bit slow this month. I was super overworking for months and I got a bit burnt out and now I have covid :^S Which is a really pain because there are so many exciting things happening and cool ideas I have. Sometimes I wish I had a team of people to do everything I wanna do!

Anyway if you missed it, I launched a NEW site last month! It's called TextureTown and it hosts many excellent textures for you to download! Why not give it a visit!

Also happy easter! I got a big egg made of chocolate; the box was cool too, I found it could be worn as a helmet for kitchen battles :^O

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