Mind - You found the first secret text...

Lotaka Natare Talasaya. There are 7 forms that don’t perceive the 9th turn of the sun, Tokanta, Nevba and Altata are but a few. Marked by the blue stars they pass unknowingly through oblivion after oblivion. They are limited by their own light, blinded in the ignorance of themselves. And yet they go on, and so it is with that in mind I state this. There are few things in this world that come for nothing and even fewer that come for everything. Tanta passed her room in a a blue silk robe. The low candles glimmered and spat as the moon rose on the other side of the world, leaving them in darkness for another month. The hall creaked, lost in its walls were Tantoris, tinny dreams that eat the souls of mankind. She wandered onward much as the stars do. Until, like them, she found herself seated on her bed. A hole in her heart had opened at that moment, she stared down at herself, her cloths and her feet and all the potential, the purpose that they had been intended to accomplish. She did not live up to it, she had let herself down, she had let her feet down, and her cloths and the world in which she lived. Finally she had let her head down too, and it drifted off to sleep on the soft pillow. At least that understood.

No, you cant bite everything, teeth are often up to things. Lotaka of the 8th kingdom did not pass as much. Muddy walls, a broken pine tree and the musings of a blind man carved on its gates. Pass whoever will but pass without warning for with warning there is silence. Arkanta sat up, he had dosed off at his counter, the fish sat skinless and fleshless on their racks, white and brown and blue and red. A gold register sat next to him. Across a road stood the new building. Its walls were blue, and broken, everything was broken, always. Tanta passed under sunlit beams and through the hearty puddles on wooden planks. New days, bring new opportunities for the sameness. Hidden were her friends, they shone in their beds now. Tokana and the hunter. Sniffing the midnight air it crawled into the shadow of the world, a momentary shade in a universe of light.

In Lontania they have a saying, pass forever. It does not mean nothing. Hidden in the new house was a book that had 3 pages, they were new and worn and just under the radar of banality. Whoever opened it would change everything for ever. Tanta opened it, I am not sure why, nor am I sure what. You don’t survive in this world asking too many questions, so its best to not know any questions. In that way, you learn everything. No more would the sun shine on the books cover, it was in the shade now. Misty blue lights shone through the smoke, and a fat fish soaked in butter. Does the moon ever rise in day? Often, but only on days that matter.