Privacy Policy of Ozwomp’s Voyage

This game does not collect any data itself, however it was created with Unity which does collect some device data.

Game Developer Contact Info:
Daniel Murray

Types of Data collected by Unity

IP Address, Device Model & Manufacturer, System Specs such as Operating System, CPU usage and drivers and app version information.

Unity may also generate crash logs or other usage logs stored on your device.

This game does not use Unity Analytics or any expanded data collection features provided by Unity.

For detailed information, see the Unity privacy policy here

As developer I cannot access this data or disable its collection.

Types of Data collected by this Website

Ozwomp’s Voyage contains a link to

This website does not collect or store personal information, it also does not use cookies except when 3rd party embeds use them such as YouTube/Vimeo links and Paypal embeds. does use SimpleAnalytics for site analytics. No individual/tracking data is collected or stored. This service primarily collects page hits and client information.

For detailed information see the SimpleAnlytics privacy policy here: does offer a newsletter which will request and store e-mail addresses, details about this can be found on the newsletter page. Providing this data is optional and your email can be removed at any time via the newsletter page.

Policy Changes and Player Rights

You may contact Unity to request data they collect and request its deletion if applicable.

If you have particular questions or there is information not listed in this policy you can contact the owner (me) at any time with the details listed above.

This policy may change in the future, please check back again to make sure you know the latest details.

This policy was last updated on: 22 February, 2022