Melon's 3D Model Shop

Woah, here you can download some 3D models to use in your projects, many are from games Iv made/am making, you're free to use them for stuff, just be sure to link back! CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

HOW DO I USE IT?!?!? FBX files are for importing into Unity, Blender or most other 3D programs. GLFT files are for Three.js and other web based 3D scripts. If you need X3D format, import the FBX to blender and export it as X3D! If you NEED help, ask on the forum.

Random Objects


A purple shard of crystal, suitable for low poly worlds. Features in ALL of may games. You might be as cool as me if you use it.


The embodiment of darkness and DOOOM, yes you will have 10% more darkness in your life if you use this artefact.

Snake Room

This is a room with snakes n crap, I often use it as a test room for new 3D worlds. The FBX version has ADVANCED lighting.

You can visit the snake room here!

Ozwomp Towns Folk


A bit weird, bad hair day, likes to spin, does not do much else.

The Tall One

He is tall, has spines on his back, can drill through time with his head.


My personal favourite, always amazed by everything, can fly apparently, also known as cone head and doughnut boy.


Honestly Nombegs are just annoying. They carry goods in their backs, possibly in their heads too.

Lord Yolto

Lord Yolto lives in the big cone, enjoys fishing, says WHAT HO at every possible occasion.


Tall, doesn't speak much, but says crap when they do, his mouth is a sewer pipe. Not sure who lives in the city on his head.


Look, he probably knows whats best, but who the heck wants to listen to Yandez, he has no idea how to have fun.

Ms Womp

Has nothing to do with Ozwomp, not very popular, enjoys eating paste and petting platyhoops..


Too many legs, follows you around, expects paste, you will give it paste.