greetings {name},

i AM sorry to disturb your evening but My nname is prince Barry, I am the king of China and I need your help! Due to my royal status I have many fine wines and spices in my house; I need to sell these spices before they get too smelly and my wife (Mrs Barry) leaves me for another king.

I urgently need you to send me 20,000 USA Dollars so that I can buy a box for my spices; with your assistance You will receive your CUT, to the value of 800 MILLION China Dollars, which you can convert to your preferred money at your convenience store.

I am telephoning you because you are a trustworthy fellow and my nephew has visited your website and recommend that everyone go to the Gift Shop and make a donation to support the best website; do it right now quickly!

I sincerely await a reply from your accountant or son, my name is Barry and I am the prince of the sea.