Melon’s Newsletter #7 – October 2022

Greetings oh glorious {name}; I know I know there was no newsletter last month, deal with it! I’m working on lots but I don’t have much to tell right now, but I missed you so I wanted to write anyway!

Do you ever buy stale bread in the shop because you feel sorry for it? How dare it sit uneaten; dipped in delicious olive oil, I will consume you bread! Even though sometimes bread makes us sad, it’s ok to be sad; I was sad the other day but then I realised Im the greatest person in the universe and you are too, so we have that in common but also we might have to battle, just sayin..

ALSO halloween is approaching! Cold candy and a lack of sun; never fear though, the summer sun will no longer threaten us with freckles or being too hot! Unless you’re in Australia but heck I cant deal with that!! Lights glitter on infinity, crystal twilight, you are shadow and mist, a last glance into a loved apartment; dream on punk!

Recently I saw that Atari has been selling NEW 2600 game carts! Which is heck’n cool and got me thinking that objects are very cool and maybe I should make some! MAYBE themed carpets! You could have a different page/carpet for each room of your house. If I had a house I’d have a room dedicated to collecting cheese wheel rinds but I have no idea what carpet I’d put in there… ugh choices.

I was talking to a friend today about understandings, does anyone really understand anyone else? They told me that everything is a social construct and therefor Im insane and you’re insane and we are all perfectly sensible; Im not sure how useful that really is to hear, but heck you signed up for this newsletter so its on you!

I hope your website making is going well, I saw Dante shared a way cool script on the forum you might wanna use! Remember you are a sparkly wonder beast born out of the cosmos; the sky is only distance; we are sitting here in the orange sunset, far away voices flicker past, thunder and lights; your tea is steaming, the quite hum of the fridge; everything is ok, its not a day or a moment, everyone spins, and everything is perfect forever.

CooL Linkz 4 U

Sneaky Recipe :S

ALERT, this is a sneaky pasta sauce recipe! If you are triggered by pasta sauces please avert your eyes!

    Ingredients: (Serves 1)

  • SPOONFUL of Olive Oil
  • 1x bacon strip (replace with salt if vegetarian)
  • 1x small onion
  • SPOONFUL red wine (optional)
  • 6x cherry tomatoes
  • 1 half sweet pepper
  • 3x mushrooms
  • 1/4 chicken stock cube
  • teaspoons paprika, mint + chili
  • Water as needed to keep it as runny as you wish.

Ok so you chop up the bacon and onion and fry it right proper until caramelised and you fear it. Splash the wine in, so it makes a satisfying plume of steam and everyone goes WOAH. Then chop up everything else and add it in. Cook for about 10 mins, adding water as needed to get the thickness you like. THEN SERVE WITH PASTA (Or don’t, its not a law.. yet)

Melon’s CHALLENGE! 4 U, Ok my challenge this week is simple; make the above recipe, but when it comes time to add the spices; close your eyes, pick 3 random spices from your spice rack and pour them in with your eyes closed >:D

Oh no our time was too short! Stay subscribed and I’ll be back again, like the rising sun or a phoenix here to save your inbox from everything you think is important ;^)

My song for you this month is Praise You by Fatboy Slim, which very well might be the best song (and music video) in ALL OF HISTORY??!

THATS ALL, Lima Oscar Victor Echo, YOUR PAL, Melon


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