Melon’s Newsletter #6 – August 2022

Hi {name}! I hope you had a great August (Long live Caesar Augustus \o/)! Mine has been a mixed bag, its been too hot and Iv been exhausted! Do you ever feel like you’ve just been running too long and your stretched thin? Thats ok though because its part of the process, it means that it’s time to find a new fountain of youth; lest ye become stuck and boring.

Ok so, story time! Last year when you were but a twinkle in my newsletter subscriber lists eye, and I had money, I ordered a Playdate! Well it finally arrived!

Its a really cute little doodad that does stuff, I talk about it a little here. It can even play weird dithered videos which I recorded for you. Anyway, Im happy with it, maybe it’s a reminder that the freshest things are often the ones that are the least logical. So my challenge for you this month is to not be logical :^D

We are 2/3 of the way through the year now and I know you must have been doing so many cool things, I hope they are going well, and if not I know if you just keep going you'll get there! You can always write if you like, let me know if you want a response and I'll try my best :-O

MeLoN NeWs :^]

  • ~ New Site!
    More of a personal note, but I made a new website for my “serious” work, or at least for things that don’t always fit within the Melon persona. However I still wanted the site to be radical and kool; Im really happy with it, you can visit here:
  • ~ New MelonTown resident!
    We have a new resident in MelonTown! dantescanline who now owns plot E7! Don’t worry there are still plots for you!
  • ~ Glasgow Zine News:
    Just wanted to note that the Melon’s Obscure Thoughts zine, created for the Glasgow Zine Fair is now sold out! Thank you if you purchased a copy, I hope you love it!
  • ~ Cool Sounds Page:
    In case you missed it, I now have cool sounds for download! With riveting hits such as “Rain outside my dorm room 2020”
  • ~ Pet Rock Page <3
    A small page all about pet rocks is now available!

WeB NeWs :-o

My song for you this month is Mary by Big Thief, its been my most played song for months and its fast becoming my favourite song of all time; also here is an interview with the lead singer/writer!

Thats all buckatucle, you might be far away, or even near at hand, but your always welcome here at the heart of Melonland :-S
Your pal, Melon


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