Melon’s Newsletter #5 – July 2022

Hi {name}, its July today (it was also July yesterday and may possibly be tomorrow tooo). I went for a short hike 2 days ago and it was really cool; I attached a picture from my hike below (with some enhancements)

I guess 2 days ago was a long time ago; there’s not much of it left. It’s funny how moments go. Something can be tangible and imperfect and then impossibly far away. Once-was reality is just a flickering backdrop to our imaginary butterflies 🤔

Yoko Ono says that when you create something it floats into the cosmos and creates good vibes for a better world. Im trying my best!!

MeLoN NeWs :-o

  • ~ Upcoming Exhibition
    My video work (Ozwomp in the Gif Gallery) will be showing in a physical location for the first time ever at the Limerick City Gallery of Art. If you’re in the area I hope you’ll check it out!

  • ~ New MelonLand Wiki
    I started a new wiki site for gathering KNOWLEDGE on web projects and other cool stuff; if you don't know a wiki is a collectively written website; so you can add stuff to the wiki too!
  • ~ Upcoming Site Revamps!
    Some of you might have noticed the forum switched over to a week or two ago. Iv been thinking a lot about site revamps recently so expect more changes soon!

WeB NeWs :-O

  • I have discovered BE WARNED!! If you don't know; it lets you make cool clipart pictures.
  • This is a really interesting forum topic about web design and social identity.
  • Zine! You can buy the zine I made for the Glasgow Zine Fair here.
  • Sheep’s Head hike rout; here’s the website for the hike I did recently, I recommend it!
  • I really want a copy of Supercade v2, will someone get it for me?? Here is a screenshot of the last page of v1 which I totally love.

My song for you this time is Luminescent Creatures by Ichiko Aoba from 2020

Until our next magic moment to disintegrate together,
Your pal Melon


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