Melon’s Newsletter #4 – June 2022

Oooph its you again {name}! I hope you’re havin a really cool time out there ;^3 It’s June now! June is a lot like July, but it’s called June.. we should just merge those months and call them JJ!

My challenge for you this month is to go to the beach (orrr a park) and draw a crappy moose! Then send in your pictures (reply to this email) and Ill publish them next month! The deadline is the 8th of July, goooooo! Here is a crappy moose I drew with my platinum preppy highlighter set!

I got a new self heating mug today, EVERYTHING is electric now! Ok let’s head over to the news desk for this months MELON NEWS!

MeLoN NeWs :-)

  • ~ New Sub-Site: Thoughts!
    I have a brand new blog site now! It has my diary (do not read!), my past writings and a new section for guides and tutorials. I posted a huge Intro to the Web Revival guide that totally blew up on HackerNews and we got like a bazillion hits, that was crazy!
  • ~ Update: Digital Art Talk!
    Last month I wrote about an upcoming talk I was gonna give about the web revival! The talk went really well! It was recorded, but they are being super slow about getting the recordings online, so I re-recorded it for you here! Maybe next month I’ll have the official video?? :S
  • ~ Update: Ozwomp in the Gif Gallery!
    Last month I mentioned I submitted a video project of Ozwomp to an art gallery, well Im happy to report it was accepted! I’ll send out a special e-mail when I have more details!
  • ~~~~~ New Page: Multiplayer WORM
    Please visit the new multiplayer worm to feed it and make it grow with your friends.
  • ~ Elite Tip (For pros only!)
    If you have a frame site or an iframe site I published my frame URL fixer here. It mega handy and helpful to make your site more elite!
  • ~ Travel Pages ✈️
    I added a new travel zone with pictures from my year in Glasgow, I also re-uploaded the Omey page from 2017!
  • ~ Forum News :-O
    Apparently everyone is super into this word association thread!!??!?

My song for you this month is La Perla by Sofia Kourtesis its a dreamy wish! I also higthly recommend the new Big Thief album, “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” which is my favourite album name of all time!

I guess thats all, goodbye! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, did you click the moon up top??
Your pal, Melon


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