Melon’s Newsletter #3 – April/May 2022

Howdy {name} :^}

Wow this mailing list has really grown since my last newsletter! I hope you are doing really well, it’s always a pleasure to be invited into your inbox! Sorry I’m late again, I was burned out this month and I had covid, but mostly better now :P

Sometimes I forget that work can’t be the point of life and creativity is not a work ethic, it’s a vibe that comes out of the woodwork when everything’s quiet. So, Iv been reading and playing games and learning new things this month.

Also check out this bag Iv been repairing! It’s my old schoolbag from around 2011 and it was totally trashed, now it’s about 70% less trashed!

MeLoN NeWs

~~ New Projects :-O

Ozwomp in the Gif Gallery - An extended moody cut made for a gallery submission; also wowzer we just past the 2 year anniversary of Ozwomp! In this video I tried to get back to some of the darker aspects of isolation and hopelessness that I was exploring in the first Ozwomp game and I think it works out pretty well.
You can give it a watch here!

~~ Events :-)

  • Upcoming: Digital Art in Ireland – June 2nd!
    I’ll be speaking at this symposium about games as art and the web revival; its wacky that I started Melonking.Net when I almost dropped out of college and now 6 years later I’m back in the same college to talk about Melonking.Net; you just never know man.
    You can snoop the booklet here (search Daniel for my abstract)
  • We were mentioned on Polygon!
    Melonking.Net was briefly mentioned on the gaming news site Polygon in an article about Neocities, it’s a good article and the author is heck’n pro for the mention; hope your havin a good day Rosy Hearts whoever you are!
    Give the article a read here!
  • At melon HQ!
    I turned 28 on April 8th, Iv switched over to a fancy new laptop which has caused some disruption, but I’m all moved in now and I think it’ll be good! There are a bunch of secretly projects going on, including at least 2 games and a new app/web project 👀 Melonking.Net now has a new HYPER clouds landing page that’s vry dreamy n cool, drop by to see it today!

LiNk ZoNe

# Forum People & The Web Revival Community!

My song for you this time is Everything is Simple by Widowspeak from their new album The Jacket, the whole album is a slow burner, it’s been growing on me more and more; its an indie dream we don’t deserve but need.
Anyway, I hope everything is simple for you today; and don’t forget you can always reply to these emails to say hey.

Until next time my muppets, stay sun ripened,


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