Melon's Newsletter #2 - March 2022

Haloooooooooooooooooooooo! phew, welcome to your inbox! As you might have noticed its been a while since the last newsletter; I now have a reminder on my phone to write these more often! It will remind me!

It was December when we last spoke and oh plenty has happened since then! Projects are afoot, I received a little funding from the county towards future virtual worlds so expect WORLDS!

Oh and I got a crazy lil camera from 2003 in cash converters.. it produces interesting results :-S

MeLoN NeWs

~~ Events :-O

In February Ozwomp's Voyage is was released on iPhone, you can grab it on the AppStore for €1.99. Before you get eggy, thats less than a coffee AND you get to keep it forever!

In January I put out a lil video archive of web revival sites, if you haven't spotted it you can snoop on over here.

Also MelonTown has 2 new residents, Zuko and JTP they got a lovely plot by Bangle Beach, if you'd like a spot too grab one in the gift shop! Welcome Zuko and JTP!

~~ New Melonland Pages :-)

  • The thoughts page has been revamped, and a new thought is available to read!
  • Ozwomp's Voyage now has its own page.
  • Im actively revamping the nav bar badge listing, if you have a badge for me send it my way!

LiNk ZoNe

# On the web

# New Social Media

  • Cinni started her own social network site Angel Town but it still has no badge!
  • Pixel Garden a cute lil forum totally exists!

# Cool forum topics

Finally my song for you this time is Wild Mountain Thyme by Marianne Faithfull from The Rarities Collection.

That's all for today, I'll leave you with the words that were stuck on my old laptop "See that crow up in the sky; he don't walk, he just fly; he don't walk and he don't run; keep on flappin to the sun"



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