Melon's 2021 YEAR IN REEVIEWO :^O

Your ship is sinking, the icy waters claw at you; dragging your exhausted bones deeper and deeper into the black sea; in the corner of your eye you see a glimmer, what could it be? Distant lights of a rescue team? No.. The eyes of a shark coming to devour you? NO SILLY, its Melon's Year in Review email!!

Here with the latest Melon Land news, the world might be bleak, but the suns always shining in the land of melons. It's been a wild ride of updates and projects this year so I thought Id take this moment with you to sit back and look at all that has happened. SO without further addooooo let's dig into the year in reviewoooo!

# The loooooong list of 2021 events!

Ooooph, thats a lot, have I forgotten anything??? And what have I learned? I forgot I added a bunch of pictures of japan! I learned that often the only way forward is to let go of what you think you have :^] Also no one is self made, you should let people in at every opertunity.
Also I now accept donations over here! (Please get your parents permission to donate!)

News Room!

# Ozwomp's Voyage is Released!

Yes its true, you can download or even pay for it today! It's an excellent voyage that you can go on and feel inspired and refreshed. Its also the first game Iv made that has earned any income (only 20 euro) BUT STILL?!?! You can download the game here, and you can also read up on some of the development info over here! Or watch THE TRAILER!

Happy Christmas!

Diiiiiid you thunk I frogonked? I did not! This year your gift is.. a picture of my den in 2005, enjoy! BUT really, I hope you all have A MOST GOOD Christmas and New Year. Im sure you'll all do many excellent things in 2022 and I want to hear about them! 👀

Your's Most Truly,
Melon aka Daniel aka Atilla the Hyper Moose (ok maybe not that one)

P.S. Here is my OFFICIAL song pick!

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