Most in-game worlds are like the depths of the sea; fragile muscles and legs are all that keep me from plugging into the water, it flows around my feet; steps and a drop off into darkness, around me a flat desert of sunlit ripples, I cannot walk further but I can imagine I do, balance is what makes gods.

The future becomes the present, a moment remembered forever and forgotten, this place is me and I am it in one fragment of disintegration and rebirth.

A fine seat; mossy and unused, rest for a moment and it is complete, happiness is idle, longing for more, this is the state of creation, I sneak away from the prying sounds of shouting eegits, you loose again fools, you’ll never find me here. I remember perfect and still as the sun turned orange and cool, and the silence talked. The waking world is living and moonlight is a passing day. Moments are all that matter, fight for them. Thank you bench for these unpolished words, I will not forget you. I came to you fearing darkness, but I was the dark, we both were. Dirty feet don’t fear the stones.

The sea provides random gold doubloons, a great game should feel like running on the grass in the old garden, free and a little dangerous, a world under your feet.

This field is the last space from my childhood that remains intact, not many people who reach my age can still experience that; surly the march of time will reach it soon, for now there is still peace in a world of noise

This is the moment, never forget