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Blinky, Flash and Glow's Story

The light's name is Charlie, but unfortunately he thinks that he is three people. Charlie has schizophrenia, so he has multiple split personalities. Charlie is always having a fight with himself as his personalities NEVER agree. Charlie is lucky that he is such a nice looking light because otherwise he would be buried in the dump because of his excessive arguing while people try to watch TV! Charlie's personalities are very different which causes a lot of conflict. Blinky is a light that enjoys his job immensely, brightening up a room is his favourite thing to do. Flash is confident, always happy and very insulting, his favourite thing to do is to make Glow depressed. Glow is a sad light that hates his own glow ironically, he hates Blinky and Flash.

Although realistically everything I said about Flash, Blinky and Glow is not real as they only exist in Charlie's messed up head.

Light Light from another angle

Quote could not be submitted due to disagreement between the lights.

the microwave the toaster
the cooker the sandwich maker